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This a E-fed for WWE 2K14 on the Xbox360.
The first card is up. Please check the card or the Tournament Brackets to see who your first opponent is.
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 POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13)

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POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13) Empty
PostSubject: POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13)   POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13) EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 3:56 pm

*Before I get any Complaints in the chat about the Power 5 please note this a 2 week Power 5 from this week and last so I am calculating all wins and loses.


POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13) Cody-rhodes-bio

Cody Rhodes- Mr.Money in the bank Successfully defended his Tag Team Titles along side Cm Punk on the 14th Episode of Mayhem and went on a week later to defeat Brock Lesnar to continue a powerful streak. He missed some tag matches on Thunder but Cody was ready for them although his opponents weren't.


POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13) Sheamus_bio

Sheamus- Yes I am serious! Before you disagree Sheamus is the only Superstar on here that has defeated all his opponents in 4 matches. If it wasn't for him scoring so low in previous weeks he would sure be number 1. None the less Sheamus defeated Triple H on 1/14 episode of Mayhem then went on to defeat John Cena on 1/17 Thunder. Then goes on to 21st Mayhem and defeats Wade and then goes on to 24th Thunder and takes down Christian. Sheamus is on a winning streak and if he keeps it up he will reach No.1


POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13) The-rock-bio

The Rock- The Rock may have lost along side Cena on the 1/14 Episode of Mayhem but he decided to open up a fresh can of Ass Kick after that lose. The Rock goes on to defeat Jey Uso on 1/17 Thunder and even made him quit! He then goes on to the 21st Mayhem and defeated both Christian and Stone Cold in a Triple Threat and become The Chase Leader! And then against all odds he defeated Randy Orton and remained No.1 contender and at the same time sent a powerful message to Orton that if he stays Champion he will be a huge threat.


POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13) Randy-orton-bio

Randy Orton- Orton is probably reading this and yelling at his screen at how he should be hire and normally I would agree. But let's do some math, Orton defeated Kofi Kingston on the 1/14 Episode of Mayhem and even went on to defeat Brock Lesnar on the 17th episode of Thunder. HOWEVER, Orton and Big Show never had there match on the 21st of Mayhem. And then on the 24th Episode of Thunder he was defeated by the current No.1 contender and lost by his own punt kick! However Orton is still Champion and has been for a long time...


POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13) Diamond-dallas-page-bio

DDP- DDP? Are you serious? DDP is number 5? Okay well... On the 14th Episode of Mayhem DDP defeated Justin Gabriel and then on the 21st Episode of Mayhem he survived to Code Breakers and defeated Chris Jericho. He made no appearances on Thunder but Mayhem matches are worth more then Thunder matches and DDP secured to victories on Mayhem so he is this weeks Number 5.

All results are final and based off the results under Mayhem and Thunder, If you dropped or failed to appear due to your results not being posted then that is you're own fault for not posting or checking to see if your opponent posted or not.
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POWER 5! *2 Week* (1/27/13)
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