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 Ross Report #2

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PostSubject: Ross Report #2   Ross Report #2 EmptyThu Dec 27, 2012 2:45 am

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - The Undertaker
By Jim Ross
December 26, 2012

Tonight's Superstar of the Week is none other than The Phenom of OCW, The Undertaker. The Deadman has only been a part of OCW for a little over a week, but he has left behind a trail of destruction he likes of which OCW has never seen before. Undertaker commands respect no matter where he goes and its quite exciting to see him here in OCW. I doubt The Alliance feels the same way, but more on that later!

Random thoughts:

It's been a pretty exciting week in OCW as we have had a bunch of new faces. Edge, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Damien Sandow, The Undertaker and Ryback all made their debuts in spectacular fashion. It just goes to show that OCW is moving up in the world. Remember to catch us live the next time we come to your city, in OCW you never know whats going to happen!

Looks like D-Generation X is back in full force as the former rivals HHH and HBK where able to mend fences and decide to band together to take down The Alliance. Not only that, but they have both been entered into the Tag Team Ladder match at Retribution along with the newly re-formed Rated RKO and Dolph Ziggler/CM Punk. This is sure to be an amazing contest and we are guaranteeing new tag team champions!

We are pleased to announce the next two recipes in the OCW cookbook! Roody Poo-led Pork and Triple H's Honey Ham Hocks!

I can't be the only one around here impressed with Ryback. I knew he was a hoss but the way he dismantled Edge was almost frightening. I have never seen the Hall of Famer tossed around like that. Ryback's appetite doesn't look like its going to be satiated any time soon, but i'll gladly hand him a bottle of J.R.s BBQ sauce so he can feed on that goat Daniel Bryan!

CM Punk has done the unthinkable and not only joined The Alliance but also orchestrated an unholy beatdown on The Undertaker. The Dead Man was able to work his black magic and dissapear from the ring before anymore damage was able to be inflicted, but you gotta think The Alliance is shaking in their boots. I know I would be with that demon coming after me! Bah Gawd!

Undertaker has been on quite a roll since making his debut here. Not only has he racked up wins against Sheamus and Brock Lesnar, but he also single handedly destroyed The Alliance in his debut. His attack spawned one of the biggest brawls I have ever been witness to in my entire life. This damn alliance has only been around a week and OCW is already looking like Chernobyl! Something needs to be done and fast!

The Rock hasn't really been heard of for a couple of days. Maybe hes taking some time off from the holidays, but you gotta think that OCW Championship loss is weighing heavily on his brain. Lets hope The Great One can come back quick and do what he does best again. Electrify!

The rivalry between The Miz and Shawn Michaels continues to rage on in OCW and Randy Orton is almost an afterthought! Miz and HBK exchanged heated words before Monday Mayhem and in the end it seemed like Michaels was able to get the final word. I wouldn't count that little weasel out though, you never know what he has planned! I'm looking forward to the Miz/Shawn Michaels match on Thunder this week that's for sure!

Sheamus really is impressive isn't he? The Celtic Warrior was a spy the entire time and took the opportunity to take out Tricher as soon as he could! I gotta say it was pretty damn funny to see that slimy bastard get his head kicked off with the Brogue Kick! Not only that, but Sheamus and Undertaker put on a classic match. Taker was able to score the pinfall, but the show of respect afterwards was something I really enjoy seeing in a world filled with violent attacks and insults!

The OCW Champion Randy Orton has been hard at work filming backstage segments for the first OCW release, 'The Viper's Strike: The Randy Orton Story". It sure does look like an amazing documentary and is going to be full of goodies. I am proud to say I have been interviewed on it to give my thoughts on Orton. Spoiler alert, he's a hoss!

We haven't heard much at all from Brock Lesnar. I never knew him to be much the silent type. Lets hope we hear from him soon as I sure as hell would love to hear his thoughts on The Alliance.

Don't read too far into this, but it looks like OCW may be on the verge of signing a deal for an OCW Video Game! I don't know much about Video Games past tetris though but I know it would sure be a hit with all the fans!

Daniel Bryan, headache inducing as he may be, sure as hell happens to be one of the most entertaining guys you can watch in the ring. When he's not screaming yes at the top of his lungs, he sure can put on one hell of a slobberknocker!

I can't wait to see more of Damien Sandow. His first interview here was very entertaining and it's always exciting to see some new faces around here!

John Cena has been nursing a shoulder injury, that means bad things for the Doctor of Thuganomics. Lets hope he can get back into tip top shape and really come back strong!

HHH, Edge and Chris Jericho are three guys I would love to see more of. Let's hope we can get an eye on them soon. Maybe I can get an interview with one of them... though I don't have the best track record with those. Nevermind, forget I said anything.

OCW is growing more every day, be sure to check out our website at for all your OCW News and Updates!


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Ross Report #2
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