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 Triple H vs Sheamus - Unexpected turn

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PostSubject: Triple H vs Sheamus - Unexpected turn   Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:23 am

Pictures from match:

We are at the stage as Sheamus has just Brogue Kicked Triple H to the ground.

King: My god Cole, these two men have torn each other apart tonight. I can't believe that we are still going after 25:00 minuites of non-stop carnage.

Cole: Well, it doesn't look like it's over yet Sheamis looks to be sizing Triple H up here and..... Wait, what is this?

Out of nowhere, the nWo theme and Entrance Movie start to the crowd's pleasure. Sheamus looks to the titantron in confusion as Triple H stumbles up and looks also.

Cole: What is happening King?

King: A New World Order Baby. Where are they?

Cole: I don't know King, but....... wait, who's over there

The Crowd erupts as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash walk out onto the stage/ Triple H and Sheamus are both watching the two men as they walk over towards them.

King: It's the Bad Guy and Big Sexy Cole. What are these two doing here?

Cole: I have no clue King, but these two men are receiving one hell of a greeting from the crowd.

King: The Outsiders, two of the nWo, Hall and Nash are unpredictable. I thought Hall wasn't meant to debut until next weeks show?

Nash and Hall walk over to shake hands with both Sheamus and Triple H. As both men look at each other in complete confusion, as both go to extend their hands out, Nash gets Sheamus in a Jackknife, and Hall gets Triple H in the Outsiders Edge. Both superstars are sent through the stage and lay broken and unresponsive.

Cole: King, I think we might be down two superstars.

King: Damn Cole, you might be right. Both men are completely out there.

Hall has a mic as the crowd cheers and chants "New World Order"

Scott Hall: Hey yo. It's survey time. Does anyone here disagree with what we just did here tonight?

The Crowd cheers very loud aside from very few, unheard boo's.

Scott Hall: "Survey says; it doesn't matter if you're not into it chico. The nWo are here mang. And we're for life.

Their music hits as medics rush to the stage to attend Sheamus and Triple H.

Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen; welcome to a new world order.

King: I can't wait for next week Cole. We want the nWo! And that according to the survey is what's best for business.

{End Promo}
[Feedback appreciated]

P.S: This could be a possible lead-up to a tag team division if there is any team that wants to go up against the nWo.

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PostSubject: Re: Triple H vs Sheamus - Unexpected turn   Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:14 pm

If I find a reliable partner I'm willing to give it a shot
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Triple H vs Sheamus - Unexpected turn
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