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This a E-fed for WWE 2K14 on the Xbox360.
The first card is up. Please check the card or the Tournament Brackets to see who your first opponent is.
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 Say hello to the Bad Guy - Hall addresses GM Tricher and the Intercontinental Champion

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PostSubject: Say hello to the Bad Guy - Hall addresses GM Tricher and the Intercontinental Champion   Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:56 am

As the Gold Rush PPV start up, the screen goes to a backstage room and turns. The crowd is in cheers as Scott Hall shows on screen, leaning back in a chair with a toothpick in his mouth.

Scott Hall: Hey yo, Trichmang, I hear about things mang. I hear about the gold on the line at Gold Rush. Now, I woked hard to get where I am mang. And I work hard to get to the OCW. When I step into that ring, I am immortal. I dominate and take what is rightfully mine. So, chico, when I debut next week on Mayhem Trichmang, Escuche aquĆ­ chico cause I promise you mang, I will show you a real Champion. Put me one on one with the Intercontinental Champion mang. Put that champ on the line, give these people a show to remember. And everyone will know the name Scott Hall. Vamos a hacer historia.

Hall then throws his toothpick at the camera as we go down to ringside to the first match.

[Promo Open to GM Tricher or the Intercontinental Champion at the end of the night]
{Feeback would be appreciated}

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Say hello to the Bad Guy - Hall addresses GM Tricher and the Intercontinental Champion
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