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This a E-fed for WWE 2K14 on the Xbox360.
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 The confrontation.

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The confrontation. Empty
PostSubject: The confrontation.   The confrontation. EmptySun Nov 17, 2013 4:10 pm

"This high capicity crowd has been chanting it all night, and from what I hear, their chants are about to be answered!"


The titantron comes to life as the crowd erupts in cheers. The titantron shows a picture of a door with a name printed on it reading "Goldberg." The door flies open and the monster himself comes stomping out of it. He turns toward the camera, marching down the hall, a look reading "determined" across his face.

The confrontation. Goldbergpromo21_zps330b4f66

The titantron cuts to his promotional package as sparks begin to shoot into the entry way. Goldberg comes walking through it, not wasting time to be showered int hem for this entrance. He begins throwing his MMA like shots into the air, causing pyro to shoot off behind him. Goldberg then starts marching down the ramp, not wasting anytime on playing with the crowd. He cuts to the left at the bottom of the ramp, climbs the stairs, and enters the ring. He then marches over, grabs a mic from a ringhand, and turns back around to the people in the arena, still chanting his name.

I told you I'd make it!

The crowd erupts again in cheers. This causes Goldberg to cock a smile.

The confrontation. Goldbergpromo22_zpsebfd05d0

Now as all fun and games as I want to have, I have other things that are way more important. Since I signed my contract for this company, slander and other hypocritical bullshit has been thrown my way by one man. Batista.

The crowd erupts for him as well. How can you not like him?

Who the hell does he think he is? I know, who he is. He's a wanna be. Just a punk with a big mouth. He hasn't done half the shit I have to make it to the top, but he wants to relish in my past, rather than his faulty one. That's fine, but the time for talk is just about over. I think it's about time we handled things like men, don't you think? Batista! Get your punk ass out here!

Goldberg starts pacing in the ring, staring down the entry way, awaiting his newly found rival. To his displeasure, a group of security guards comes running out. Goldberg starts growing even more upset as the guards rush into the ring and make a diagonal barricade.

You've got to be kidding me. What is this shit?

Again, to his displeasure, the GM of OCW appears on the titantron. The infamous TRicher smiles at Goldberg.

Hey there Bill! I figured I'd let you know that I don't plan on having you and Batista fight any time soon. So I sent out these fine young gentlemen to keep you two apart. But by all means talk to him. I find that talking, will help build the tension.

TRicher gives another smug look before disappearing.

(Open to Batista, btw TRicher, I didn't know what to do for you and if you don't like it, feel free to change your dialogue if you have that power. Just needed you to send security out to keep us away from each other.)
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The confrontation. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The confrontation.   The confrontation. EmptySun Nov 17, 2013 4:36 pm

I don't mind at all this was a great promo and I look forward to Batistas response. By the way are you ready to go? I can add you to a match this week or save ur debut for the PPV this sunday if you would like?
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The confrontation. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The confrontation.   The confrontation. EmptySun Nov 17, 2013 10:04 pm

Going to hold off for lack of the game. Looking to go get it on Thanksgiving when they cut the price in half or on Black Friday if one of the local stores have it on sell. To be honest, I might even hold off on being booked at the PPV if I can't get the game in time. I'll talk it over with Sigma (Batista) and weigh our options. Will let you know soon enough what I plan to do. Smile
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The confrontation. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The confrontation.   The confrontation. EmptyWed Nov 20, 2013 8:58 pm

*bumping for Batista*
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The confrontation. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The confrontation.   The confrontation. EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 3:02 pm

The crowd get on their feet and cheer for Batista's appearance, getting louder when he steps out on to the stage with a smile on his face.

The confrontation. 604524

After his pyro entrance he makes his way down to the ring and gets into it. He looks around at the security guards and smirks.

The confrontation. Batista

Batista: I understand why you guys are out here but you don't have to worry. I'm not going to throw this SOB about the ring just yet.

The crowd immediately responds with cheers.

JR: Well the shots Goldberg took tonight are already being returned by Batista!

Batista: Y'know Goldberg I'm glad you decided to turn up tonight. I mean, here I was thinking that this really would never happen! But we're finally here in the same ring, and even with all these goons between I can still feel it. That tension. The unmissable scent of excitement. Do you feel it Bill?  Does it not just wrap itself around you and squeeze every last breath out of you? Tonight is a landmark night because it signifys the night that everything changes. When the ground shall shake and buildings fall. For generations this night will be remembered as the night Bill Goldberg got his sorry ass turned to dust.

The confrontation. 9304%20-%20Raw%20batista%20suit%20wwe

Batista: I go by the name of the Animal. And as the Animal I have to assert my dominance. Your name is one that has been remembered in the history of Sports Entertainment as a beast. I mean you had your streak! You took down Hulk Hogan! You mowed down wrestler after wrestler and went right through Vince Russo - something I do thank you for - in your tenure of dominance in WCW. And what I want to know is why the hell people are so impressed.

The confrontation. The-animal1

You think squashing local talent is impressive? Taking out a crazy old man and an assshole booker? What you have to realise Goldberg is I've got everything you have except I haven't wasted it. I am a man who from day one stood side by side with Ric Flair, Triple H and Randy Orton. From day one I was walking with giants and I did not walk in their footsteps. I stood proudly beside them. I've taken the Undertaker to the limit at Wrestlemania! All you managed was a staring contest with Brock Lesnar. You couldn't handle wrestling yet I powered through years as one of the faces of WWE. And now that you're here I finally get to prove this. In my career I've defeated The Undertaker, Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton. Guess who's next Bill.

[tbc Goldberg]

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The confrontation. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The confrontation.   The confrontation. EmptySun Nov 24, 2013 12:46 am

Goldberg had been pacing for the last several moments, but now, he brings his mic to his lips.

You have all these landmarks, Dave, but you miss something. That edge that puts you just above everyone else. People like, Brock Lesnar, had that edge. That's what made him the "beast" that he claimed to be. You, Batista, you have patterned your own career after those who've come before you. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you just want to be another Goldberg.

Goldberg lets the mic slip, pacing again. He brings the mic up once again.

Name your accolades, but none of them reach the things that I've done. My win streak is longer than the skid-marks in your pants, boy. But your win records do pile up with names that are remarkable. There is one name missing from that list, that leaves it a little, lacking there Dave. That list, will never be completed, because, YOU'RE NEXT!

Goldberg drops the mic, takes off running, and leaps over the hoard of security guards right onto Batista, who stands at the ready. Goldberg lands on him, bringing Batista to the ground, as the duo begins to throw punches. Lefts and rights as the security teams pull the two apart. Batista and Goldberg are pulled away from each other, backing them into separate corners. Batista breaks from his captors, taking off and running into the hoard in front of Goldberg. He starts sending shots at the contained Bill, only to be counter acted by return shots from the pissed off Goldberg. The duo trade shots again, and once again, the guards pull them apart. This time, backing Batista to the ropes. Goldberg begins to beat off his guards, and then takes off running again. This time, he dives over the six or seven guards on Dave, clotheslinning Dave and two guards, along with himself, over the top rope and to the mat on the outside. The four land hard, only the trained professionals moving now. The rest of security rushes out to contain the pissed off, yet dazed, monsters. Goldberg isn't contained for long though, seeing a chance to spear Batista. He takes off running, only to be side-stepped, and sent into the stairs. The guards rush Batista back and up the ramp as the others surround Goldberg, who lays on the ground, gripping his shoulder. The screen cuts to commercial with Batista standing on the stage, hand extended, giving the thumbs down sign and a grimace reading the situation of this feud.

[PROMO CLOSED. To be honest Sigma, not sure if you wanted to take this route, but you set it up perfectly. Added something to make the response worthwhile and not terribly short. Hope you liked it.]
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PostSubject: Re: The confrontation.   The confrontation. Empty

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The confrontation.
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