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Welcome to OCW!
This a E-fed for WWE 2K14 on the Xbox360.
The first card is up. Please check the card or the Tournament Brackets to see who your first opponent is.
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PostSubject: What?   What? EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 10:43 pm

It is in the middle of the program at Retribution, and we cut to Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to bring you an important announcement here in OCW. We have a new superstar that has just signed up!

King: Oh my, JR! We've heard rumors that this is a superstar that's well known, one that's apparently a household name! And also, he's going to be involved in the Intercontinental Championship tournament that's coming up! And he's about to make his entrance right now!

The crowd is silent, anticipating the debut of this mystery superstar.

The crowd goes insane when the glass shatters, as Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring.

JR: Bah Gawd, King! It's Stone Cold! STONE COLD! STONE COLD!

Austin grabs a microphone as he begins to speak.

What? Stone+Cold+Steve+Austin+%25281%2529

Stone Cold: Now I know what y'all are thinking: What the hell is Stone Cold Steve Austin doing out here? Well, Stone Cold will tell you why, and that's because he's ready to whoop some ass right here, right now! You see, Stone Cold has been in his living room, watching some TV! And then I flipped to OCW hoping for some good old-fashioned wrestling! Instead, what I got are a bunch of dumbasses crying and crying like little babies over things that even Stone Cold Steve Austin himself can't understand! What things, you say? Well, for one thing, how in the blue hell is a skinny sumbitch like Randy Orton, who thinks he's the next Jake Roberts, but couldn't get a girl to save his life, an OCW champion?

The crowd shouts, "What?" after this statement, as Stone Cold chuckles a bit.

Stone Cold: Well, let me tell you something right there: That is a complete joke! You can talk your trash, you can whine and bitch at all these people, you can do it all! But there is one thing you can't do, Randy: You can't beat Stone Cold Steve Austin in the center of the ring! And after I win the Intercontinental Championship from that stupid Yes/No/Yes/No/Yes/Maybe Sumbitch goatfaced, hare-brained, Daniel Bryan......I'll be coming after you Orton. You don't realize it just yet, but your days as an OCW champion are numbered!

JR: Austin is making a statement here, King. To put it plain and simple, I think he just wants to kick everyone's ass.

What? Stone%2BCold%2B2011

Stone Cold: Now Stone Cold understands that he can't just simply walk up to Randy Orton on Stone Cold's first day, and stomp a mudhole in his ass so bad his mother wouldn't recognize him. So that's why Stone Cold's got a plan. You see, Stone Cold is gonna snatch that IC Championship, he's gonna get in his truck, he's gonna sleep for a bit, he's going to wake up, he's gonna drink a beer, another beer, one more beer, and another beer, and then he's gonna kick Randy Orton's ass! If y'all wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin open up a can of whoop-ass on some sumbitches, gimme a "Hell Yeah!"

The crowd shouts, "Hell Yeah!" Austin leaves the ring, but not before grabbing a few Steveweisers along the way and drinking.

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PostSubject: Re: What?   What? EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 11:03 pm

(+3 for a good, funny debut as Stone Cold. I was waiting for someone to sign up as Stone Cold and I almost did myself. I was even more glad to see it was you as I was always entertained by your stuff I had seen elsewhere. Good work here man, I can't wait to see more out of you. I know the quality will continue to rise once you get some stuff going and start interacting with the other members.)

TOTAL = Stone Cold Steve Austin - 4p
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